“THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Thank you for finally bringing some hope and joy to our little girls, who fight this media pressure of who the media thinks they should be! I am glad you guys are creating an atmosphere for girls to be who they are! I think every state should do this! I think it would help girls and women of every age!”

In the weeks following the New York City Girls Project launch, the public responded from around the country, requesting posters and asking how to bring it to their school, city or state.

Samples of Media Coverage:       

  • New York Times  

  • Prospect 

  • Lean In                                                                                                      

  • Think Progress

  • Time                                                                                                                          

  • Elle

  • Huffington Post       

  • Globo                                                                                                       

Letter to the editor in the 10/6/13 New York Times:  

It is Oct. 4, Day 4 of the NYC Girls Project, and I am on an uptown No. 1 train headed toward Times Square. A young girl, perhaps 6 or 7 years old, sits opposite me. She spies a poster, apparently over my head. An early reader, she works with her mother to make out the words, ending with “I’m beautiful the way I am.” Turning to her mother, she exclaims in delight, “That’s me!”

Stunned and happy, her mother wraps her in a hug. “Yes, that is you.” Mother and I exchange smiles and laughs. “It worked,” she says. Indeed it did. Kudos to Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and the others behind this inspired campaign. -ANN L. SHALOF / Bronx, Oct. 4, 2013

Additional media included WABC, Fox 5, WNYC’s The Takeaway, Brian Lehrer’s TV Show, NY1.

Samples of feedback from members of the public:

  • “This is a beautiful campaign. Would you consider sharing with other cities?  I live in Denver and would love to propose this to our mayor.” 
  • “What a great message…My 7 year old daughter is taking her IPAD to school tomorrow to show her class in upstate N.Y...She loved it!"
  • “I'd love to see this campaign expand beyond NYC. How do we partner to bring this to the BayArea? Would love to be a part of making that happen!!” 
  • “Amazing!!!! I think this should be done nationwide!!!” 
  • “LOVE the campaign!  Keep up the beautiful work - Hope it stays around for the long term and reaches across the whole USA!”

Cities, states and countries requesting more information and posters included Atlanta, GA; Baltimore, MD; Buffalo, NY; Decatur, GA; Denver, CO; Kentucky; Michigan; Nebraska; New Hampshire; North Carolina; Oregon; Pennsylvania; Rhode Island; Tallahassee, FL; Texas; Virginia; Washington, DC; Australia; Paris; and Portugal.